Low Cost Counselling for Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton 
Our popular low cost counselling service offers counselling and psychotherapy at the much reduced cost of £20 per session, with a free initial telephone consultation. Please note this service is available in Olney only. 
As the cost of living increases, fewer people are able to afford the full fee for private therapies. Paradoxically, in a post-pandemic world, more people than ever are experiencing mental, emotional and psychological distress. With this in mind we have commited ourselves to offering a service which can at least partly address this. 
Introducing the faces of our low cost service: 
Trainee Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist 
(Clients age 16+) 
Counsellor in Training 
Trainee Integrative Arts Psychotherapist 
Counsellor in Training 
Counsellor in Training 
(Clients age 16+) 
Counsellor in Training 
Counsellor in Training 
(Children & young people under 18) 
Who are our low cost counsellors? 
Our low cost service is offered to you by a range of trainee counsellors and psychotherapists, each on their individual therapy training journey. 
Why do we offer low cost counselling? 
While private therapy is not traditionally low cost, we at BodhiSpace are aware that trainees can be a hugely valuable asset in the service we offer. Firstly, at the core of our ethos is inclusivity and accessibility; this means that the low cost service offered by trainees allows people who may not have done so previously to access psychological therapies. Secondly, giving a trainee the opportunity to work in this setting offers them the solid and robust experience of working with the range of issues with which our clients present. 
Are the counsellors experienced? 
People who have commited to a counselling or psychotherapy training - which often lasts several years - have done so with a range of solid experience already behind them: both lived experience as well as experience of supporting others. Trainee counsellors already occupy many positions within agency and statutory settings, such as the NHS. Our trainees are carefully selected from numerous applicants. We specifically look for pre-existing experience, robustness and capacity to embrace a wide range of client issues. 
Will the counsellors be monitored? 
During a counsellor's training, they are possibly the most rigorously monitored and supervised than at any other time in their careers. This means that when working with a trainee counsellor, your sessions will be closely monitored and supervised by a number of highly qualified professionals such as the trainee's clinical supervisor, their placement manager and their course tutor. Effectively, this means that you and your material are held in a careful and contained manner among a network of professionals, and we ensure that your counsellor is practicing in an ethical and clinically effective way. 
How will I know if a trainee counsellor is right for me? 
We offer you a free initial telephone consultation. This is with a fully qualified and experienced clinician who is able to decide, in collaboration with you, whether the level of skills and experience of the trainee counsellor is right for you. We will never allow you to work with a trainee if, for any reason, we think that this is not clinically appropriate. 
Is it confidential? 
In order to be rigorously monitored, our trainees need to be clinically supervised. This means that your material may be discussed with a clinical supervisor, a placement manager or a tutor. However, all personal details are anonymized and personal identifiable information is not shared. 
Click here to submit an enquiry including the code "LOWCOST20" in the description box. 
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