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There are many ways to describe suffering – depression, anxiety, stress, not coping, trauma, bereavement, relationship issues, parenting struggles, eating problems, alcohol issues - to name just a few. 
In over 15 years of working as a counsellor, psychotherapist and arts psychotherapist, I have been presented with all of the above. I recognise that these issues manifest in each individual very differently: no two people have the same depression; no two people have the same way of relating to their partner or to their children. 
I look, with you, beyond the label of the issue, and help you to access the emotional world inside yourself. This world is unique to you and contributes to your specific way of understanding your circumstances, your relationships and yourself. I help you discover, identify, explore and creatively work with this emotional world. It is this insight into your emotional world which may be the key to creating changes which have so far eluded you, and make now your time of real change. 
Of course, emotions can also be labels. Most people know what is meant when we refer to anger, envy, grief, rage, sadness, happiness, joyfulness, fear. Often this ‘knowing’ is a short cut to describe something which is actually very complex and multi-layered.  
The way I will work with you is to support you to explore the range of your emotions, without assuming that I actually know what they feel like for you. 
This becomes more about the quality of the emotion, the way it affects or influences you, and how you carry it in your being, rather than simply about just a word. 
Your therapy is about words, and also going beyond the words. 
To find out how I can help you simply call me on 07534 229 626 or click here to complete a short contact form. 
Creative, Embodied, Relational 
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