BodhiSpace was created in response to a growing awareness of mental, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual health needs in our modern world. 
BodhiSpace is a concept, a community of clinicians and a physical space in the beautiful market town of Olney, Buckinghamshire. 
Bodhi is an abstract Sanskrit word with a meaning close to 'awaken' or 'enlighten'. It is also the tree under which it is reputed that the Budha sat when he achieved enlightenment. 
Bodhi in BodhiSpace refers to the awakening of ourselves, a re-connecting with ourselves in a world that can sometimes deplete and erode our sense of mental, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual wellbeing. 
Bodhi, phonetically, refers to the body mind connection which is key to our wellbeing and which neuroscientific research is showing is at the core of working with trauma and trauma processing. 


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