ROSHMI LOVATT, Clinical Curator, BodhiSpace 

I created BodhiSpace in response to a growing awareness of mental, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual health needs in our modern world. 
BodhiSpace is a concept, a community of clinicians and a physical space in the beautiful market town of Olney, Buckinghamshire. 
Bodhi is an abstract Sanskrit word with a meaning close to 'awaken' or 'enlighten'. It is also the tree under which it is reputed that the Budha sat when he achieved enlightenment. 
Bodhi in BodhiSpace refers to the awakening of ourselves, a re-connecting with ourselves in a world that can sometimes deplete and erode our sense of mental, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual wellbeing. 
Bodhi, phonetically, refers to the body mind connection which is key to our wellbeing and which neuroscientific research is showing is at the core of working with trauma and trauma processing. 
I trained and qualified with The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education in London and have an MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy. I have been in practice since 1999, initially as a trainee, then qualifying in 2001. I am accredited by the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and am also a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). 
Clinical Curator, rather than Director, helps BodhiSpace to avoid the trappings of heirarcy and power imbalance which can lead to dis-ease within an organisation. Curating helps me to gather together talented professionals, research and good practice to wholly attend to the needs of our clients and the world we live in.  
I practice according to the code of ethics of UKCP, and have ongoing clinical supervision as well as ongoing training for professional development. 
I work one-one with adults. I also work with children and young people in the context of their family.  
I have worked successfully with people experiencing trauma, bereavement, loss, low self esteem, low confidence, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety and addiction. 
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There are many types of counselling and psychotherapy available, and it can be difficult to understand the differences between them and which one might best suit your needs. 
I am an Integrative Psychotherapist. This means I have a thorough grounding in many different theoretical models including: 
Humanistic psychotherapy 
Psychodynamic psychotherapy 
Attachment theory 
Neurobiological research 
Creative process theory 
I integrate these models and theories, which means I am able to use the approach (or approaches) which work(s) best for you. 

What happens in therapy? 

Counselling, or psychotherapy with me would involve meeting - usually once a week - to talk about things which you feel are negatively affecting your life. Each session lasts around 50 minutes, during which time I will help you to focus on your issues, deepen the exploration of these issues, express feelings around these issues, and come to your own awareness of how things might change or be different for you. The therapeutic relationship is unique in that it offers the opportunity for you to talk with someone who has no other agenda in your life, and has your wellbeing at heart. You direct the session. You pace your own time. Talking in this way can often be enough to gain insight or clarity. We can do this by simply talking, or we can use some creative exercises to explore your issues. The choice is yours. 
My aim is to create a solid and trusting relationship with you which will enable you to look at your life in a safe, creative and open way. 
To find out how I can help you, simply call me on 07534 229 626 or fill out my short contact form
Creative, Embodied, Relational 
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