Art Therapy 

Do you ever have the experience that you're trying to say how you feel but you don't know how to describe it? An Art Therapist will have available for you to use in the space, paper, crayons, craft materials, picture cards and clay/playdoh. When your emotions feel complex and multi layered, finding an image which shows the emotion can give both client and therapist a powerful insight into how you are feeling. That way, both client and therapist get to experience it rather than simply talking about it. 
Van Gogh is reputed to have said "art is a lie which helps us to see the truth". This 'truth' can give a deeper understanding of you through picture images and help you to see something which is not 'visible' in words. 
Also included is the use of guided visualization as a creative technique to work with images in your own body - for example 'the knot in the chest' or the 'butterflies in the stomach'. These sorts of guided visualizations help to access information from your own body about how you are feeling or experiencing the world. 
For a free telephone consultation for Art Therapy simply call us on 01234 984208 or click here to complete a short contact form. 
Creative, Embodied, Relational 

Available for you to use will be: 

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