Talking Therapies 

Talking therapies include Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching. Our therapists are qualified to work with different issues as well as different client groups, including adults, children, young people, families and groups. We also have a range of fees including low cost therapy available with a trainee therapist. Currently this offer is for a limited time for young people aged between 13 and 25. 
We understand that by reaching out for some professional therapeutic support, you have already chosen to give yourself some space, away from the everyday things in your life. That’s already a massive step. Once you’re here, this becomes your space. You choose who you work with, how to use your space, and what to bring into it. 
You can use the space to talk about your thoughts, feelings and experiences. You can explore and reflect upon your life situation. Your therapist will listen - without judging - and help you to express yourself to the fullest. Sometimes a few sessions of brief counselling is enough to help you move forward. Sometimes, longer term psychotherapy is needed to explore and work through underlying issues, like low self worth or negative relational patterns. There are therapists who will offer you the opportunity to use creative techniques and embodied techniques which can deepen the understanding of your experience and in particular the processing of trauma. Whatever you do here, it's always your choice. 
Research suggests that one of the key elements of effective therapy is the therapeutic relationship itself. We believe that without a strong working therapeutic relationship, the work of therapy is peripheral. Therefore, the therapists who work here, work first and foremost on building a safe therapeutic relationship with you. Each therapist has their own style and expertise, but we all hold the therapeutic relationship as central to the work of therapy. In this way, coming here will give you not just a choice of therapies and therapists, but you can also be assured that you will be given the personal touch. No automated systems!  
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