Clinical Supervision 

I have a Diploma in Clinical Supervision using the creative arts from the London Centre for Psychodrama. I offer clinical supervision for training or for qualified psychotherapists and counsellors. This can be on an individual basis or in group supervision. I offer clinical supervision to therapists from all models of counselling and psychotherapy eg person centred, psychodynamic, humanistic, arts therapies etc. I have experience of offering supervision to therapists in all kinds of settings eg. agencies, schools, private practice, corporate work. 
Clinical supervision may include: 
Allowing a supervisee to focus on a particular aspect of their clinical practice away from their practice room 
Exploring challenging case material both via talking and via use of creative techniques 
Enabling a supervisee to talk about organizational issues affecting their clinical work 
Challenging the supervisee to think outside of their current practices and reflect on previous actions and their implications. 
Supporting the supervisee and offering suggestions on alternative ways of working. 
Understanding the need for continuing professional development and encouraging areas where this could be undertaken 
Exploring the impact of the clinical work on the supervisee in the form of countertransferential issues or vicarious trauma 
The supervision I offer can include the use of the creative arts, which I believe can enhance exploration of client work and enable the supervisee to 'get underneath' the case material. Available for you to use will be visual arts, puppets, sandtray, role play and other dramatic and projective methods. 
Overall, my clinical supervision services are provided to help you improve the level of care that you offer and will always be provided in a positive and supportive manner. 
To find out more simply call me on 07534 229 626 or click here to complete a short contact form. 

Reflective Practice 

Reflective practice for professionals is a service which offers groups of professionals the space to explore and deepen their understanding of their work - social workers, foster parents, support workers, trauma workers, probation officers, youth workers and many others can benefit from this service. 

What is reflective practice? 

Reflective practice offers the space and time to think about your work, case load, organizational issues and the impact of the work on yourself. This is often in the form of group work, where clearly guided sessions can offer valuable insight into your work and reflection around what may need to be done differently. This is a non-judgemental practice, and you will not be 'assessed' in your work. 
Using creative methods, including drama role play and group images, I will help you to 'get underneath' professional issues, whether it's about complex client cases, or a team conflict issue. My understanding of group dynamics and organisational systems will guide you and your team to re-focus your thinking and help generate new knowledge and ideas. 

Working with vicarious trauma 

All kinds of professions can incur vicarious trauma as a result of working with people who have been traumatized. Trauma can be broken up into tiers: 
First Level Trauma (we were in the twin towers) 
Second Level Trauma (we lost a friend or relative) 
Third Level Trauma (we were the rescue workers on site) 
Fourth Level Trauma (community or organisation as a whole) 
Also: those who are affected by watching the events on the news and those who could have been first level 
Often, dealing with other people's trauma, eg at accident sites or in prisons, can lead to the professional absorbing some of their own trauma symptoms. Often professionals report the feeling of 'going mad' due to unresolved vicarious trauma. I offer a space, to groups and individuals to understand the neurobiological responses to trauma which can impact physiologically, emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally. I offer strategies to help work through the vicarious trauma and to build resilience through self care and ongoing professional development. 
To find out how I can help you call me on 07534 229 626 or click here to complete a short contact form. 
Creative, embodied, relational 
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