Nick Pandya - Psychodynamic Counsellor, MBACP 
I believe that we all have an innate tendency towards health and wholeness. Every so often, life events and situations can get in the way of accessing our inner resources to achieve growth and healing. Psychotherapy can be a valuable tool to firmly place you back on the path to living a full life. When we are faced with major or recurring life stressors we can be overwhelmed and seeking additional support, such as therapy, is a natural and positive step in taking care of yourself. 
You may be grieving the loss of a relationship or loved one. You may have reached a crossroads in your life where you feel lost without clarity or direction. You find yourself making unhealthy choices and the quality of your life is not what you want it to be. Your work used to have meaning, made you feel alive but now you are stressed and overwhelmed. I can help you regain your life. I can help you to move through grief, explore and clarify your feelings and needs, change unhealthy patterns of behaviour, foster close relationships, live more authentically, and improve life satisfaction. 
Finding a therapist who understands you and your particular view of the world is very important. When the fit is right between therapist and client, the work can be extremely meaningful. I help my clients to move beyond being stuck to feel more in control and find balance and flow in their lives. I offer psychodynamic psychotherapy which is a process that brings about emotional healing and helps you to live a full life. Depending on your needs, I may also use a more structured approach to address your particular problem and emotional difficulties. 
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