Anjula Cheema - Adult Therapist, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor 
Welcome. I am an MA qualified BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered adult therapist with over eleven years experience. I am also a UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) MA qualified child and adolescent psychotherapist as well as a clinical supervisor with a UKCP accredited training diploma in Integrative Supervision. 
My training has been ongoing and rigorous, covering areas which include intersectionality; neuro-science; child protection and safeguarding; infant, child and adult psychological development; the expressive arts, body and play therapies; and child and adult psychiatry and mental health disorders. 
I have had the privilege of working with clients on a number of issues. These include anger, anxiety, depression, self-injury, low self-esteem, suicidal intent, bereavement and loss, bullying, transitions and change (including those related to divorce), stress, abuse (including child sexual abuse), sexual trauma, domestic abuse, identity and relationship difficulties. 
Fundamentally, my clinical approach is relational: here I use my “selves” created from my lived experiences to develop a collaborative, deeply empathic and boundaried relationship where the client doesn’t feel alone and feels respected, listened-to, heard and understood. The client will not be judged but will feel safe and comfortable enough to talk about experiences (past or present) that may be troubling them. 
Furthermore, I use a non-directive approach where the client leads the process - thus encouraging a sense of agency/control over the process - and an integrative approach where talking therapies - alongside arts, body and play therapies - are used. 
These techniques and approaches can provide the safety required to explore past and present experiences and understand the feelings, thoughts and beliefs which they have left, leading to clarity on how they are influencing current behaviour, thoughts and beliefs. The insight gained can equip clients - irrespective of their age - to make healthier choices and, in the longer term, lead a more authentic life where they are more true to themselves. 
It is inevitable that therapy will feel uncomfortable at times as it connects to feelings, thoughts and memories (past or present) which may be distressing. In these moments my deep respect for the client’s wisdom, capacity to self actualise and agency - together with my use of self and the wisdom, compassion and empathy held within -would be used to contain and hold these feelings. Here, I would stand alongside the client and their distress; attuning to, understanding and respecting their defences while recognising the importance of addressing issues at a pace they feel comfortable with.  
Furthermore, in these moments, the therapeutic space and relationship would hold the hope that things can get better as well as a belief in the power of the therapeutic relationship to heal even the deepest and most painful of emotional wounds. 
It would not be an "easy" journey but I would endeavour to stay with the client through it all - especially when the terrain became difficult and messy. 
Clinical Supervision 
As a clinical supervisor I have a UKCP accredited diploma in Integrative Supervision. I use my child and adult psychodynamic teachings, play, creativity and my strong attachment to humanistic principles to create a collaborative, attuned, empathic , supportive and safe space in which to explore clinical work. I look at legal and ethical issues like safeguarding, boundaries, confidentiality, your own self care and personal development. 
My approach is relational and recognises the impact of intersubjectivity and intersectionality on all in the supervisory space. Exploring the impact of oppressions and difference on the client/ therapist, supervisor/supervisee relationship - and on our understanding of the client and their material - is important. 
I have supervised counsellors in training and those who are highly experienced. I have supervised those working with adults and young people both in private practice and in organisations (including counsellors/organisations providing trauma therapy for those who have experienced domestic abuse). 
I can provide supervision online or in person. 
I look forward to working with you. 
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