The psychotherapy I offer starts with an initial assessment, followed by, where appropriate, ongoing weekly psychotherapy sessions. Psychotherapy, unlike counselling, tends to be longer term, and usually works at a very deep level, looking at your historical situations and how they may be impacting you today. This is normally offered on a one-one basis with individual adults. 
In psychotherapy, the therapeutic relationship between us is crucial in identifying and processing stuck patterns from the past which affect you today. This is not about labelling the past as 'good' or 'bad', nor is it about blaming our primary caregivers. It is simply about observing the patterns of behaviour, thought and emotion which link your past with your present, and offering you the safety of a therapeutic relationship in which to begin to explore and possibly change these patterns. In this way, it is not so much about blaming the past, as about taking responsibility for the present. 
We can't really know how many psychotherapy sessions you might need but we review the work on an ongoing basis, so that we are both clear that the material we explore together is creating something new for you in your life. 
To find out how I can help you simply call me on 07534 229 626 or click here to complete a short contact form. 
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