Cristina Gordon - Integrative Psychotherapist & Counsellor (Adults & adolescents) 
Do you feel disconnected from your own vitality? Therapy can help you understand yourself and initiate changes to lessen suffering and increase your enjoyment of life. 
My Approach 
I have a flexible, sensitive, relational approach. Over the course of our sessions, I will work very much in collaboration with you to share my observations of your difficulties and formulate a treatment plan. 
I focus on your presenting difficulties in the context of your early relationships and environment, helping you to create links between past and present to bring about a deeper and more cohesive understanding of yourself. 
The effectiveness of psychotherapy lies in the therapeutic relationship, finding new ways of relatedness that speak to the primary hopes and fears, needs and longings, traumas and disappointments that make up the unique meaning of a person's life. 
I support and encourage ways of contacting your own inner experience, the embodied felt sense of what it means to be you whilst building a robust therapeutic relationship together. Engaging in therapy can help you reconnect with a sense of aliveness and contentment and find more creative ways of participating in the world. 
I work integratively, meaning that I am not dogmatic and can use different elements from the main schools of psychotherapy to tailor my approach to your individual needs at any particular time. The core of my practice rests in relational psychoanalytic thought and humanistic-existential philosophy with its emphasis on the joy, pain and complexity of simply being human. 
Training, Qualifications and Experience 
I trained as an integrative psychotherapist with Regent’s University London, a highly respected, vibrant and innovative therapeutic community. I have retained a collaborative role with Regent’s with an interest in researching various subjects such as the lived experience of shame; aspects of psychotherapy integration; and practicing ethically. 
I have worked with adults and young people - in both the private and mental health charity sectors - for a number of years supporting a diverse range of clients from many differing backgrounds, sexual orientations and cultures suffering from a wide range of presenting problems. 
My previous career in the corporate world gave me much insight into the high levels of stress and the challenges and expectations that many people experience in their daily working lives as well as the loss of equilibrium between public and private. These issues, in turn, can have a detrimental effect on relationships, state of mind and on health in general. 
I also have an interest in the difficulties facing young people in our modern society. I have been supporting a local youth counselling charity for a number of years, working with young people aged 13-21 presenting with anxiety, depression and relationship problems as well as academic, identity, gender and sexuality issues. 
Psychotherapy Qualifications 
UKCP accredited psychotherapist and BACP registered 
Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy, School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, RSPP, Regent’s University London 
MA in Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling, School of Psychotherapy & - Counselling, RSPP, Regent’s University London 
Exploring Psychology, Open University, Milton Keynes 
Certificate in Integrative Counselling, SPCP, Regent’s University London 
Certificate in coaching and mentoring skills, KPMG 
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