An assessment usually identifies whether the work you need to do will be short term or longer term.  
On a short term basis, our counsellors can offer brief counselling which would consist of an assessment session followed by a pre-defined number of counselling sessions. This is usually a brief and solution-focussed way of working (5-6 sessions), and can be very effective if you are going through some kind of current life stress (work stress, loss of confidence etc.) 
These sessions would help you to look at managing the symptoms of, for example, stress, anxiety or some difficult life situation. You will be able to 'offload' and to develop some strategies for yourself to improve your functioning in your life. During the sessions, your counsellor will regularly review the work to make sure that it is what you need. 
A counsellor will normally offer short term or brief counselling on a one-to-one basis with individual adults. 
If, during the course of the short term work, you uncover material which may require longer term therapy - for example issues around prolonged low self worth, or difficulties in relationships - your counsellor will discuss this with you and you will jointly look at ways forward.  
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