Psychotherapy and the Arts 

Using the arts is simply another way of expressing ourselves and the choice to do so is always yours. 
Why use the Arts in Psychotherapy? 
Sometimes words can be restrictive and it may feel appropriate for you to explore or express a partcular issue or emotion using a more creative technique. This might include visual art, picture cards, drama, movement or play. A creative medium can connect talking and feeling in a very powerful way. This adds a depth and dimension to talking, thereby offering a different layer of insight into your issues. You don't have to do anything you are uncomfortable with or anything that makes you feel self concious. However, if you do feel like exploring your issues and emotions in a different way, or if you are struggling to articulate something with words alone, we can do some simple creative work. Sometimes seeing something on paper, or in movement is more meaningful than words. 
In recognising the limits of everyday language and the fact that we experience the world through all our senses - not just one - I use the arts to offer you full access to the different modes of sensory expression: visual (what we see), auditory (what we hear), kinesthetic (what we feel in our bodies). 

Available for you to use will be: 

Visual art materials (paints, crayons etc) 
Sculpture with clay/playdoh 
Drama including puppetry 
Poetry and storytelling 
Sand tray and miniature objects 
Musical instruments 
Dance, movement and bodywork and breathwork 
'Dream in charcoal' by man aged 27 
'Darkness' group picture 
'Chaos in my head' by woman aged 30 
'Fear' by man aged 23 

What benefits does it bring? 

Each art form provides a unique communication of emotional experiences and I can work with you on which medium is most appropriate for you and the issues you present. For example: drama can offer vital insights into the roles we play in life and into ‘situations’ – how past situations are still affecting those in the present. In sandplay, creating a world of miniatures in the sandtray can organize and externalize feelings which can then be contemplated from a distance rather than ‘in the head’. Again, in dance/movement work, it is possible to work with what the body is already communicating symbolically, whether through posture, gesture and gait, or through illness and injury. Poetry allows us to avoid simply labeling and misrepresenting feelings through literal words, as poetry gives a fuller ‘felt’ sense of the reality and can reveal a deeper truth. 
I believe in the inner creativity of ALL people, and emphasise the creative process rather than technical competence so don't worry - you don't have to be an artist, musician or poet! Using the arts is simply another way of expressing ourselves and the choice to do so is always yours. 
To find out how I can help you simply call me on 07534 229 626 or click here to complete a short contact form. 
Creative, Embodied, Relational 
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